The Modern Vintage Photographer Portfolio of Virginia Smith

I'm Virginia Smith and I'm the Modern Vintage Photographer

I love people and the people they love...their dreams, hopes, and accomplishments.

I offer film photography in Southern California's "Small Town" Inland Empire for adventurous people who love life and are eager to try new things, who love the differences in people yet find their tribe in those who laugh at themselves, in lame jokes told enthusiastically, celebrating life's joys, challenges and the irony of life.  

Isn't that what people have appreciated about the photos of their lives for generations?

Real life, real's a beautiful thing!

I could tell you that I've been featured magazines, books and websites but the only feature that matters is the photographs I take that you want to show off on your walls, in albums and social media!

And when you really get excited, your business gets the Modern Vintage experience too.  Real life Personal Branding of your business and headshots that show who you are at your best!

For more information on my work, to discuss a project or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.  

After years of styling for other photographers, creating window displays, styling for events and weddings, I now teach styling to photographers and small business.   

*One on one mentoring.
*Styled sessions 

I teach photographers to create their own unique branded portfolios, improve their portrait, product and wedding work as well as learn how to do it for themselves.

I can help you create and submit beautiful features to be published in blogs and magazines, your website, social media and the business you've dreamed of here!

Because I believe in the legacy of photography for all, I always offer one "Beautiful Years" 8x10 portrait for amazing humans over 75 for my cost of $50 (film, developing and printing).  It is practically a giveaway! I consider a privilege to offer 6 lucky people a month.  It's a 10 minute session to say hello and shoot a few frames of film so that loved ones have a great photo legacy that shows the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family in literally the best light.  

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