I'm Virginia Chavez Smith, a commercial photographer and branding strategist in Hawaii.

I love people and the people they love...their dreams, hopes, and accomplishments.

I offer branding services including hybrid analogue and digital photography on the "Small Town" that is the Big Island for adventurous people who love life and are eager to try new things, who love the differences in people yet find their Ohana in those who laugh at themselves, in lame jokes told enthusiastically, celebrating life's joys, challenges and the irony of life.

Isn't that what people have appreciated about the local community Ohana for generations?

Real life, real people in raw, honest photography and businesses with mana...it's a beautiful thing!

I could tell you that I've been featured in magazines, books, galleries and websites but the only feature that matters is your brand gets the Aloha business story branding that years of experience can bring you. Real life Personal Branding of your business, products and headshots that show who you are and what you do at your best!  Learn how to create regular content for your brand and how to share it!.  For more information on my work, to discuss a project or to just say Aloha, call me at 951.897.8732.

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