The 5 minute portraits are a result of a photography meet up where the homeless were a frequent subject of images that gave street photographers credibility. But it made me sad, like we were looking at monkeys in a zoo. So I decided to start talking to the random people I met on the street and whereever I went. After introductions and a brief introduction I look for something special, their individuality in the 5 minute connection we make. I wanted to give the homeless I photographed dignity and found the power of a photograph in someone seeing that special something in themselves, sometimes for the first time in a long time. I then found that it made it easier to take photos of my friends and family who hated their picture taken or professionals I interacted with in my life. Oftentimes it's other photographers who prefer to be behind the camera but I'll see something and a brief "Hold still" to get a portrait of what I see in their expression.

So here is a small sample of those faces. From the homeless to a prison guard, a stroke victim who can't speak to a realtor and several photographers along with my autistic mother who never smiled in a portrait before. I seem to collect faces, maybe one day I'll have one of you.

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