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Branding Content Boot Camp

Hands on Brand styling and photography

You’ve spent all this time and energy on naming your business, imagining your ideal client, understanding your branding voice, creating your website, systems and clientworkflow. It’s hard work to elevate your brand stripped down to it’s most basicidentity! It’s overwhelming to think that the marketing will never end. Over and over the experts say that regular content is the draw that will bring your businessthe clients you want. As a new business on a tight budget you want professionallooking content but can’t always afford a photography branding package. 

Where do you start?

Do you want to feature your what it isthat makes your business unique? Doesthat mean getting away from the sameold images? You know the sitting on the bed with your computer, you with a cup of coffee, you in a cute little straw hat with your phone......same old same old.Those images are great fillers but do they truly represent what makes your businessunique? Who are you? What do you love? What do you do? Where do you work?Most importantly, why do you do what you do? Everything you love, everything youdo and where you do it should reflect the why which is a big part of who you are?

People don’t buy what you do, 

they buy why you do it.

Creating content that tells the story of why you do what you do, your passion, yourdedication to your craft, bringing joy to your clients and taking pride in real results.But it’s hard creating content in a vacuum. That’s why there are so many similarcontent images and stories. This Branding Content Boot Camp is a collaboration ofsorts. Just like the Hera Hub co-working space brings out the best in the women whowork here, a group workshop is getting to know yourself while helping others getto know themselves. Getting excited through playing with your food, pretty things,ideas, concepts and learning how to create your own images is a springboard thatwill benefit your business even when you earn the big money to pay someone elseto do it for you. You’ll even learn how to use this content and where. It will be your foundation to build on. All you need is whatever camera you have (even if it’s yourphone) and an eagerness to learn with a new network of like minded creative minds.Sounds good? Let’s do this. Sign up on our waiting list below.  


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